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Oct 29, 2017 · As the iPhone's camera getting better with each iteration, the file size of the videos also increase. Here are some easy ways to reduce video size in iOS.

16 Jun 2017 Learn how to make an iPhone video in these easy steps. In this post, we'll walk you through our tips and best practices for filming high-quality. So, it makes more sense to film horizontally so your video can be viewed if the  How to Film a Hollywood-Worthy Movie on Your iPhone | WIRED 12 May 2016 Your clip of a rat schlepping a quesadilla has the power to out-hype a summer blockbuster. Do it right. Shooting Films & Documentaries With an iPhone | Lights Film

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How to Film a Hollywood-Worthy Movie on Your iPhone. Paula Chowles (@paulachowles) is a video producer at WIRED. Most Popular. Transportation Elon Musk Wins in Defamation Suit by British Diver. iPhone video tips: How to shoot iPhone video like a pro Apr 15, 2017 · These iPhone video tips and tricks will help you capture the best possible imagery. Bad habits can make iPhone videos look lousy. How to shoot iPhone video like a pro. Tips of Making Music Video on iPhone - Filmora The iPhone can be an excellent tool for anyone wishing to produce outstanding music videos on a limited budget thanks to the device’s powerful camera features. To get the best results possible, it’s wise to use a tripod, find out more about how your iPhone works, enlist the services of a director and use professional editing software. How To Shoot Beautiful and Professional Quality Video on the Accessibility of features on the iPhone has created an even playing field for both amateur and professional cinematographers. iPhone Film festivals are popping up with every new year and new iPhone. Matt Dresner and Corey Rogers saw this happening back in 2011, and they have been given credit as the first to make the original iPhone film festival .

iMovie for iOS is Apple's free mobile editing app available on the iPhone & iPad (it by learning these 15 advanced tips and tricks for iMovie on iPhone & iPad. to shoot a movie entirely on an iOS device) in my final semester at film school.. And using the left and right arrows to progress one frame at a time for making  How to Make Your iPhone Videos More Cinematic | Fstoppers 10 Jul 2017 But what if you could save some money and film with your iPhone, while What are some of the tips you'd add to the list to make your iPhone  Mobile Filmmaking case for the iPad and iPhone — iOgrapher Turn your iPad & iPhone into a full blown video camera with the iOgrapher mobile media filmmaking Ten Simple Tips for Making a DIY Magical Holiday Video. The 21 Best Video Editing Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad Since the rise of smartphones, DIY video production has exploded. Amateur and professional videographers now carry a powerful pocket film studio to film, edit 

May 20, 2015 · How to create fast motion videos on your iPhone for family vacation updates. By @sshadmand. On our trips to locations around the world our family and friends want a way to get an idea for what we are up to. How to create your own stop-motion films on iPhone or - iMore Aug 23, 2017 · StikBot Studio from Zing Global Ltd. allows a cinematographer-to-be to easily create and share amazing stop animation movies using an iPhone or iPad. Although the studio and action packs are sold separately, the App is free to download. You can make clips that are as long as you like but the [Inner Circle Tips] - Making Movies with iPhone - Virgin Re: [Inner Circle Tips] - Making Movies with iPhone I was just about to write an article on this but found this first, good work! I wonder how many iphone users know how to change the video setting.

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How to Film a Hollywood-Worthy Movie on Your iPhone | WIRED 12 May 2016 Your clip of a rat schlepping a quesadilla has the power to out-hype a summer blockbuster. Do it right. Shooting Films & Documentaries With an iPhone | Lights Film We were asked recently by a potential student in our online filmmaking program if they could use their iPhone or iPad as their primary filmmaking camera. A Beginner's Guide to Taking Great Video on Your Phone 17 Apr 2018 Not long ago, a filmmaker wouldn't dream of shooting a movie on a phone because film director Steven Soderbergh, “Unsane,” was shot entirely on an iPhone. thirds, as well as valuable tips, such as focusing on people's eyes in your video.. Using two hands lessens the chance of creating this effect. Best video making apps for iOS (iPhone 6S/6S plus included)

Recently I bought IPhone 5s not yet test video recording for professional use, these are really some cool tips to follow to create better videos with IPhone. I started YouTube channel for my blog and preparing myself to make some videos with it, thanks for sharing your knowledge about how to shoot videos with iPhone as well some editing tips

How To Make A Great Short Film On Your Smartphone | Gizmodo Jul 06, 2016 · Use AE/AF lock on your iPhone Your iPhone is a powerful camera and edit tool all-in-one, but to gain a consistently exposed image make sure you use your iPhone's exposure/focus lock ability by tapping on the part of your picture you want to focus/expose for, then holding until the lock message appears in yellow. A Beginner’s Guide to Making Movies on Your iPhone « iPhone Editing movies is as simple as dragging and dropping, with a familiar clip rearranging system that mirrors the way you shuffle the icons on your iPhone’s home screen. You have access to all your photos, music and movies as resources and can easily add transitions and Ken Burns effects to your heart’s content.

13 Jan 2019 In this, I will focus more on making videos from your iPhone. These tips can work on almost all the smartphone cameras so even if you have Movie Pro is a $5.99 Video recorder that amplifies the native recorder by 100x. 10 iPhone Video Recording Tips from the Pros So in this post, I'll be sharing my favorite iPhone video tips for capturing great videos on After wrapping up my project, I was able to make some minor editing  Watch: Five tips for shooting high-quality video on your iPhone 20 Dec 2017 Getting started with video on the iPhone is easy, but mastering the capture of it can be difficult. AppleInsider has five tips for you to make the 

16 Feb 2018 I thought more people would want to know about the BBC's collection of iPhone movie-making tips, not least the advice to switch on Do Not  How to make and edit a travel film on your iPhone | Wanderlust 5 Dec 2017 Making a travel film on your iPhone can be fast, fun and easy, even editing - if you know Wanderlust editor Phoebe Smith reveals her top tips. iphone | No Film School 7 Tips for Making Your Smartphone Cinematography More Cinematic. 9 months ago by Is This New iPhone App Filmmaking in Its Purest Form? 9 months ago  13 top movie-making apps for iPhone and iPad | Creative Bloq

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