Sticky navbar on scroll bootstrap

Hi, how can i create sticky-navbar-on-scroll like in this example?

Bootstrap sticky navbar, affixing navbar after scroll - CodePen Let's suppose our page contains a navbar that is not on the top of the page, e.g. below some intro image. We want to affix this navbar fixed to the top Bootstrap 4 Sticky Navbar on scroll on Codeply A simple stick on scroll navbar for Bootstrap 4 example. A header above the navbar is visible until the user scrolls. This could also be used as a multi row navbar. How to Hide/Reveal a Sticky Header on Scroll (With JavaScript)

Bootstrap 3 Template - Attach nav after scroll 6 years ago by cskelly A BS3 template with large top header, fixed left sidebar. Once the user scrolls past the header, the navbar fixes to the top

An animated sticky header preserves needed space while providing essential navigation options as a user scrolls down the page.

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